We saw Captain America yesterday.
Go see it! Seriously!

Sorry about the lack of posts. This is our hardest semester in terms of workload, senior stuff, etc.

But everything is still pretty great! We’ll hopefully be back to posting very soon.

The couple that gets geeky tattoos together stays together lol.

We were talking about what tattoos we’re gonna get. He wants namaste and I want a sailor moon brooch.
XD shows where our interests lie a little lol.

We didn’t get to do anything for Valentine’s Day but we were still together anyway.

We didn’t get to do anything for Valentine’s Day but we were still together anyway.

You’re the woman that pulled me out of a deep dark place. You love me for me. You are naturally good spirited and hearted. The intelligence you have, you have built yourself. You like to write and draw. Those aren’t things that can be thrust upon you. You have to have the will and desire to be creative and you. Like with cosplay and the costumes you make. You enjoy it all and you’re happy when you do it. Whether you want to see it or not you are the epitome of a woman and human being to which I judge everyone by. You didn’t make me fall in love with you. I just fell in love with you because there isn’t a thing about you that I can’t love. Even the things I find annoying I wouldn’t change because those annoying things have changed me and without you I would change back into the person I was before and I don’t want to. I was afraid to lose you because I was afraid for myself. Now I’m just afraid I’ll lose the only woman in this world I have ever loved. So I’m here for you. I’ll help you with anything.

Him trying to talk sense into me when I was in my own dark place.

So today was our second day of classes. It was really weird because we got a lot of stares and I doubt for good reasons. You’d think with us being seniors there wouldn’t be any since we’ve been seen together for years. Even the custodian lady told us we might as well get married. It made me think of Tamera Mowry’s interview that’s been circulating Tumblr. But then I just shrugged and kept walking. Negative reactions are not our problem, they’re theirs for being so obviously close minded in 2014.

Good luck to everyone dealing with new semesters!

I’ve always loved you, and when you love someone, you love the whole person, as they are, and not as you’d like them to be.

Anna Karenina (via allmymetaphors)

I’m pretty sure Chris would like for me NOT to be sick, but he can’t change it. Lately I’ve been getting worse. Like WORSE worse. Our time together is mostly spent sleeping because that’s nearly all I can do. We don’t play video games anymore because I can’t sit up. I can’t do much of anything anymore which is a drastic change from earlier in our relationship. I asked him if he regretted replying to me when I first talked to him on FB chat. He said no. I asked him if he still loved me the same. He said yes. I said I was sorry for being sick. He said it was okay. So while he’d like me to be healthy, he can’t have that and it doesn’t change anything.

So I never got a chance to recap our Christmas.

I was invited over his house and I met all of his brothers, robbed them of most of their homemade cookies (if you haven’t had honey cookies you need to try them), and his mom even bought me presents! She got me like three cat shirts, cookies, and socks (so three of the things I need to survive). Chris got me a Kingdom Hearts video game and was so proud of what he got he blew the surprise by accident (or I’m just a good detective) lol and I got him two book sets of the Wheel of Time series. Then his brother said I’m basically part of the family now and talks to me all the time.

=] For awhile there I’ll admit I didn’t think it was ever going to happen, but I guess we don’t have much to worry about now.

Hopefully we’re going to a movie tonight for New Years!

I always go overboard with gifts for him.

I always go overboard with gifts for him.